Serita Fontanesi

Executive Director

Photo of Black woman smiling to camera. She wears glasses, a yellow head wrap, a grey shirt, and a black blazer. She also has on a black necklace. Orange leaves are behind her in the distant.Serita Fontanesi, MSW, is an activist for Black women and femmes, by assisting systems, organizations, and individuals in making subtle changes that have a big impact so that they can thrive in a more holistic and culturally competent way. Healing generational wounds caused by centuries of systemic injustices requires change on an individual and macro-level in order to create a new, more supportive path forward. Through the use of practical and energetic tools, Serita disrupts old ways of thinking that no longer serve the highest good, creating space for more productive practices.

Serita focused her studies on community organizing and social change at the USC School of Social Work. Her career in advocacy has provided her with a rich understanding of how organizations and systems impact the day-to-day lives of both the individuals they serve, as well as the people working within them. Additionally, as a certified birth and postpartum doula, as well as a trauma-informed yoga instructor, Serita has unique insight into how the personal becomes political and how the political affects a person’s mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

By infusing traditional methods of change with elements of mystical practices, such as tarot and energetic healing, Serita is able to support the people she works with in identifying their specific pain points or blind spots. From here, she is able to work with them to strategize ways to make positive and meaningful changes in their world in order to help them achieve their goals and heal broken patterns.

Working with Serita means digging deep and exploring the underbelly of our ways of existing. While it won’t always feel comfortable, it will always involve respect and powerful shifts in being. To work with Serita is to work with someone who will be able to fully see you, hold space for transformation, and cheer you on throughout your journey.